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This new web portal allow for the first time the search of stellar simulated data via a relational database, this project is develop under the VO-DCA (Virtual Observatory-Data Center Alliance) project WP4. This facility provides data access to large sets of stellar evolution models computed with an updated evolutionary code (FRANEC).

In these last years, FRANEC has been extensively used for computing models of stars for a wide range of mass and chemical composition, and in all their evolutionary stages. Recently FRANEC has been updated in many aspects concerning both the numerical scheme for treating the nuclear burnings and the accuracy of the numerics. Also the physical inputs have been largely improved. For more details on these issues we refer to Pietrinferni, A., Cassisi, S., Salaris, M., & Castelli, F. 2004, ApJ, 612, 168. This new version of the FRANEC code is used to produce a library of stellar evolutionary predictions: the BaSTI archive.

BaSTI is currently one of the most updated database of stellar models all around the world and it is a formidable tool for population synthesis investigations. In the next future, it will provide also theoretical predictions about integrated colours and magnitudes as well as integrated spectra for complex stellar populations.

The BaSTI archive has been set-up to account some basic but important criteria: the accuracy, the homogeneity, the completeness and the reliability. A successful archive must also be easy to access and queried by the Astronomers. The WEB portal is a simple but efficient solution to provide this service to all the Astronomical community.

This database has been developed in conjunction between INAF-OAT (Trieste Astronomical Observatory) and INAF-OATeramo (Teramo Astronomical Observatory)

Some other features, tools and data are reachable at the Teramo Astronomical Observatory, at url:

BaSTI database is maintained by: Santi Cassisi Marco Castellani, Adriano Pietrinferni, Daniel Cordier , Maurizio Salaris, Patrizia Manzato and Marco Molinaro