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The goal of the first task of the IA2 is to make possible the use of the TNG public data by exploiting the experience acquired through the construction of the TNG-LTA prototype archive. The conclusions reached at the end of this project are still basically valid, as are the recommendations done to the data provider (the CGG).

The TNG-LTA pilot project has made possible to study and to define an optimal structure as regards scientific raw data and housekeeping telemetry, together with their processing; furthermore, a big evolution concerned the interoperability concept. This means that the greatest effort will be the harmonization of the LTA according to current IVOA standards so that not only we will be able to make available the LTA to the end user in the most efficient way and with the up-to-date standards, but also the TNG data will be seamlessly included in those transparently accessible by the Virtual Observatory.

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