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Wednesday, 01 June 2011 10:28


Architecture and Tomography of Galaxy Clusters

National Coordinator: Mario Nonino - INAF-OATs


PRIN_INAF 2010: This project is based on the approved ESO-Large Programme, (P.I. P.Rosati, ESO) 186.A-0798, granted 225 hrs at VIMOS@VLT, which is part of the Multicycle Treasury Program on HST CLASH (P.I. M. Postman, STScI, 524 HST orbits) aimed at detailed study of a well defined sample of massive clusters of galaxies. Both P.Rosati P.I. of the ESO-LP and M. Nonino, National Coordinator of this proposal, are full members of the HST CLASH HST Multi Cycle Treasury Program.

Project Deliverables: Ancillary data and products will be timely released towards the Virtual Observatory (VO) by hosting them at IA2 (Italian Astronomical Archive Center).